by Micah McCaw

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Abel speaks of his feelings leading up to, during, and after his murder.


released April 15, 2015

Mastered by Evan Kunze
Cover Art by Jordan Martinez



all rights reserved


Micah McCaw Medford, Oregon

Micah McCaw's current project is a ten part ep project based on Biblical characters. Each ep is one song longer then the previous ep and the amount of minutes as the song's track number.
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Track Name: Abel
My parents they raised me to
Love God with everything
And to sing when I could
Because life ain't always good

But everyday when I work with my cattle
I sing away Satan's rattle
But he still comes everyday
Trying to tempt my faith away

Running through the trees
Shivering with the breeze
Fond memories
And this simple soliloquy
Track Name: Abel, Pt. II
The sky turns red in the midday
My head now matched the skies display
One last time I'll smell these fields
And then I'll dwell within their yields

I taste the blood within my mouth
There is too much to spit it out
I feel the blood pulsing out
This is the end without a doubt

His heavy breath all I can hear
He drops the stone onto my ear
Before my heart does collapse
Hate becomes my final act
Track Name: Abel, Pt. III
Who would have thought that I would be dead?
Laying in a field with a stone in my head
O brother I gave God the best that I could offer
But you leaft me dead on the ground with worms fodder

My blood cries out as it curdles in the sun
What is this thing, o this thing that you've begun?
Where is God's vengeance? Where is my blood for blood?
God give me justice as I settle with the mud

The fourth person to live and the second one to be born
I tried my best to follow the Lord
When I count the numbers I'm the fourth to worship You
But this is what I get I'm the first to die, the first to conclude

But what do I care they say I'm in a better place?
But in that time between heaven and hell all I see is my brother's face
Hope I can forgive him before I reach the pearly gates
Or I may not enter because my soul is full of hate

Well can you sin when you're already dead?
Visions of murder clouding every thread
Of the new robes that the Lord has given me
I tainted perfection when she ate from the tree

As I glance at God I fall to my knees
With all my hate He still covers with mercies
He whispers in my ear, "O son I love Cain to,
And if that's good enough for Me it's good enough for you."

If it's good enough for God it's good enough for me
(Who am I to say otherwise?)