'til Life Turns Over

by Micah McCaw

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'til Life Turns Over is the perpetual state of craving & striving that inflicts the human Soul. it is not to be confused with lackadaisical waiting. it involves Actively Seeking out a better Life. i'm not talking about empowerment or selfishly fighting for so called freedoms and liberties that in the long run leave us broken, hungry, and enslaved. i'm talking about Immediately running for the other side of Life, abandoning what has been holding you back and firmly grabbing on to new Hope. it would be impossible to tailor this to everyone specifically, but in my short time here I can offer you one piece of advice:



released March 23, 2014

Recorded & Produced by Bret Levick
Mastered by Jim Chapdelaine
All songs written by Micah McCaw
Drums/Percussion by Sean Siders & Matthew Kriemelman
Piano by Andrew Tevis
Violin Katie McMahon



all rights reserved


Micah McCaw Medford, Oregon

Micah McCaw's current project is a ten part ep project based on Biblical characters. Each ep is one song longer then the previous ep and the amount of minutes as the song's track number.
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Track Name: Spring Cleaning
i was Cleaning out my closet
and i found a few skeletons
well now instead of hiding them
i just decided to Expose them

now i'm Free
i'm Free to be anything that i want to be

i was tidying up my room
i found some dirty laundry
so i put it through the Wash
now you can't hold it over me

now i don't have any dirty laundry

went down to Wash my Soul
found it rotten to the core
so We Washed 'til i could see
that it's not rotten anymore

now i've got a Liberated Soul
nothing that you can control
i'm not my own worst enemy
Track Name: First Breath
23 years old and she's taking her First Breath
diagnosed with cancer that will surely end in death
she's gonna do the things she never did quite do
like jump out a plane, climb a cliff, and see the band U2

oh what a Beautiful World
what a Beautiful Way
To Start Your Life
oh what a Beautiful Time
what a Beautiful Way
To Start Your Life

53 years old and he's taking his First Breath
he's tired of the money and the so called success
he always put money first and then his Family
but now he's gonna care for them rather than the green

83 years old and she's taking her Last Breath
Rejoicing now because she Lived until her death
she lived a Selfless Life and Helped Others get by
her body gave up but her Soul never died

oh what a Beautiful Way to End your Life

Go Start Your Life!

19 years old and i'm taking my First Breath
Track Name: Spring Love
Blood is in my Heart again
Breath is in my Lungs
i wish i could show you
she makes me brighter than the Sun
well it's Spring again and i got a new Love

well I got a new Love
it's a Spring Love
my Life was dead
but she makes me Feel Alive
just like Spring time

her face is whiter than the brides bouquet
and her hair is blacker than the devil's heart
in the Springtime her lips are Sweeter than Sunshine
she's got Soul and that's why I Love her so

the Trees are Marching
what was dead is now Alive
the Birds are Singing
i don't want to stay inside
there's only one thing
that's really ever on my Mind
that thing is Love
Spring Love

And if luck is on our side
Then by next Spring our Love will still be Alive
Track Name: A Girl I Knew Once
it's been a long time
but i know that i haven't lost my Mind
but girl i just can't hide
all these feelings for you inside
so i Wrote this Melody
so you'd know that you were Meant for me
please Listen to
these Notes I have arranged for you

girl you make me feel
like i'm a passenger and your behind the wheel
your driving so crazy
i can't see the road and i don't know where you're taking me
so just take me to your Heart
because without you mine's falling apart
i don't think you comprehend
if your not with me my Life's a dead end

i don't want you to be the girl
that i let get away
i don't want to say what if?
in my old Days
i want you to be the girl
that came into my Life
Gave me Happiness
took away my strife
Track Name: History Repeats Itself
an Eye for an Eye
Hostages for Hostages
wrong repaid with wrong
but tell me does that make any of it Right

Peace equals war
and they say that Compromise is cowardice
the strong well they're hardly ever Brave
and the Brave never Strong

History Repeats Itself
and when it's over it never ends
an Eye for an Eye
a Tooth for a Tooth
Track Name: Intro. To Consciousness 101
you're doing what you're told every Kid should do
you own a collegiate sweater and live in a dorm room too
and though it's good for many it's just not for you
but you've let others convince you that's not True

he passed the bar and wore all the right Rings
but Truth be told he's just living out his daddy's dreams
he put down the Guitar when he was 18
and now the figure in the mirror makes him scream

you're Hypnotized
got glazed over Eyes
believing the lies
you're Infiltrated, Indoctrinated, Enculterated
you're a zombie i'm a zombie
we simply let others suck out our Souls
have we even really given Life a shot
or are we walking around empty as our bodies rot

the Clock is ticking and the Alarm has sounded
but we don't stand up and Fight we just stay grounded
i urge you to put down the Book and Consider This
not everyone is Meant To Live in their office
a floating shadow in your bedroom
water under the bridge becoming a tomb
We Sell Our Souls At The Cost Of money
but Our Land still isn't flowing with Milk and Honey
if your not doing what you love Go Fire Yourself!
Don't be another Unread Book Upon the Shelf
Track Name: Dear Kiana
Dear Kiana killed yesterday
i Wish that i could go back and Say
Please Don't drive your car tonight
Because i Want You to Survive
and i'd like to Say Goodbye
to You for the Last Time

You were born into a tragic world
You meant no harm You were just a Wide Eyed girl
they stole Your Innocence to gain control
but You Never let them steal Your Soul
i'm glad Your Up Above
now You know Real Love

how is Heaven is it like we thought?
is it the way that the Preachers always taught?
do You Dance with Angels
and ride on clouds?
is all Your pain and sorrow gone now?
i'm sad You're gone tonight
but i'll see You when i Arrive

i Wrote this Song for You tonight
on this Thanksgiving all i could do was Write
so this one goes out to You
they say the Good die young and now i know it's True
i Love You and this Thanksgiving
i Thank God for You
Track Name: Wishful Thinking
we're all lost looking for Freedom in prison
looking for Peace during battle
looking for Rights in all of our wrongs
hoping that i could Change the World with a Song

it's all Wishful Thinking

Hoping it wasn't a Goodbye
and maybe she just can't close her Eyes
because i won't get out of her Mind
and she will toss and turn all night

Praying he Won't beat her tonight
Saying the world will Stop the fight
maybe our Lives won't get dismembered
We Want to Live and Die Remembered
Track Name: Victory
the enemy has us captured
beaten up and bruised
they've attained their goal
the scars go past the tissue
past my heart
into my soul
now i can't remember
the last time i saw Freedom
the last time i saw Grace
now i can't remember
my sweetheart's kiss
my sweetheart's face
so please take me Home
i don't care if they bury me
just take me home tonight
send someone to save us
send someone to help
send someone to fight

i hear the thundering footsteps
i hear bullets fly by
the enemy is retreating
i can see my Ally

i run away from the chaos
i run away from the screams
i'll run 'til Life Turns Over
get back Home and see out these Dreams

i'm coming Home

my Family's all at the table
i knock to their surprise
my mother's afraid to answer
because she needs no more tears to cry
i'm Home and Safe somehow
i've never felt so Free
when you're in the valley of the shadow
you can still achieve Victory

when your stuck in the trenches of Life
and you're holding your brother as he dies
and you're holding back tears from your red stained eyes
you wonder if it's ever really worth the fight
the Red Letters are all that you can think about
and you Pray that the Speaker would come and Save you now
you wish you could escape and make it back Home
you wish that you could just feel less alone
but the Allies are storming the beach
and there's really nothing more that i can teach
except for that it's all been done and said before
because we're always at a war

we're all alone in this together

i'll see you at the other side of Forever